Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

As Seen On TV: Bowled Over

As a child, we were once traumatized when our Mom entered our bedroom without knocking and caught us right in the middle of something utterly humiliating.

That’s right, we were acting out an infomercial word for word right down to the 800 number and P.O. Box for checks and money orders.

We’ve always had a fascination with new inventions we never knew we needed that promise to make our lives easier, so we’re proud to present our new As Seen On TV feature. Here, we’ll put the latest products to the Big Gay Test.

First up, it’s the Perfect Tortilla, a set of non-stick forms that allow you to bake any size flour tortilla into a delicious crispy bowl without one drop of oil.

We think you’re going to see the results of this handy gadget at lots of holiday parties this year. Because once you create your first tortilla bowl, it’s hard to stop.

They make the cutest vessels for chili or soup. Taco salads, of course, fit snugly inside the crispy confines. And that ubiquitous spinach dip in the hollowed-out bread bowl you see at every party? It’s ready for a Mexican makeover.

So join us in our obsession and start using the Perfect Tortilla.

It’s the only kind of bowling a gay can legitimately get away with.

$10 (plus $7.95 shipping and handling)