Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Watts In Your Pants

There’s only one thing worse than being caught with a dead iPhone: Being caught with a dead hooker.

Both experiences are traumatic because you can’t use either to find the nearest restaurant serving delicious Chimichangas.

But we’ve found a great product to give you power over at least one of your predicaments. It’s called the Juicebar PowerTube Mini Charger.

With the ability to charge nearly any small mobile device with a USB, micro USB or mini USB connector, it’s the most powerful three inches we’ve experienced since our trip to Thailand.

Simply charge the PowerTube via the USB port on your computer. When the charging light turns from red to blue, it’s ready to go. Best of all, because it’s smaller than a roll of Wild Cherry Life Savers, you can easily slip it into your pants pocket, carry-on bag or laptop case.

Then, when you find your phone about to die, plug the charger into the Juicebar PowerTube and you’re immediately back in business. Continue using your device while it charges or just set it aside while you get something else accomplished.

Like Googling “Stress-free body disposal.” Or baking a bundt cake for the funeral.

Juicebar PowerTube Mini Charger
Available in red, black or blue