Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Three-Letter F Word

There’s one teeny-tiny word that has more power than nearly any other in the English language. Because it can instantly bring a gay man to tears if you call him that to his face.


Yes, it’s even more hurtful than the same word ending in G.

So we thought it only appropriate as we get close to the biggest eating day on the calendar to mention a book that’s all about our innate ability to look better than the majority of our straight counterparts.

It’s the just-released paperback version of Gay Men Don’t Get Fat from Simon Doonan, the man who once held the highest job in the gay universe — creative director for Barneys New York.

After being responsible for designing Barney’s legendary windows for two decades, Simon knows a thing or two about making things look their best. In this hilarious book of essays, he offers up advice on everything from proper lighting and ways to keep from looking like old lesbians, a fate that has befallen Jon Voight and Bruce Jenner.

You’ll also learn “The Most Important Word in the History of Style.” Shockingly, it’s not Crocs.

But we will share the only word that can describe Doonan’s writing style and this book in particular…


Just make sure you spell it correctly.

Gay Men Don’t Get Fat by Simon Doonan
$11.02 on amazon.com