Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pet Project

It’s Cyber Monday, so there’s no better time to introduce you to one of our favorite sites for pet supplies.

Whether you’ve got six cats, three dogs, a bird, ten ferrets and a tankful of fish or you’re one of those weirdos with just a single teacup Chihuahua, wag.com is the place to find everything for your favorite critters.

From costumes and toys to the highest quality pet foods and wellness products, shopping is fun, fast and everything is priced extremely competitively. Throw in the convenience of letting the UPS guy haul that 50-pound bag of chow to your front door and you’ve got yourself a shopping no-brainer. (No offense to your dim-witted iguana.)

Shipping is always free with any order over $49 and right now, as a first-time user, you can save 15% on your entire purchase.

That means more kibble in everyone’s stockings.

And more slobbery kisses than Channing Tatum alone with a mirror.

Use code WAG for 15% off your order (Maximum discount $15)