Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Preemptive Strike

Your New Year’s Resolutions are more than a month away, but we can already tell you what they’re going to be.

1. Eat healthy.

2. Exercise more.

3. Hook up with hotter guys.

But after a month of scarfing down pounds of cookies and gallons of eggnog while wrapped in a Snuggie on the sofa watching Charlie Brown specials, those first two resolutions can be quite the challenge.

So why not start working in a little healthy eating between gingerbread binges?

The answer lies with Jess and Tarrin (above), the ladies behind Fullosophie, a gourmet food company brought to life over a few Mimosas (our kind of business plan!).

Simply place an order on their web site by Friday at 10:00 a.m. and have their farm-to-fork food at your door on Monday, ready to heat and enjoy. (Wednesday delivery available, too).

The menu changes weekly, but features selections that could include Greek marinated chicken, organic kale and sausage stew or wild caught salmon in puff pastry. Multi-day dinner packages make ordering even easier.

Or enjoy D.I.Y. kits filled with the freshest ingredients to do your own cooking without the hassle of Walmart price-matching or temptations to indulge on a few near-extinct Twinkies in the checkout line.

In either case, nothing you get from Fullosophie will ever be processed or artificial. That means you’re putting only the best food into your body.

And no, that organic cucumber you violated Saturday night doesn’t count.