Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tray Cool (& Hot, Too)

Party Truth #17: If you arrive to an event three hours after start time, it’s probably not a good idea to eat the sushi that’s been sitting out since the beginning.

Party Truth #64: Sneaking off to the bathroom with the hostess’ husband is considered rude in most cultures.

Party Truth #106: Serving (and eating) food on a SPARQ Oven-to-Table Entertainment Plate is a fantastic idea.

That’s because this beautiful slab of soapstone naturally retains temperatures, either hot or cold. Plus, its sleek modern design makes for a stunning presentation of any appetizer.

Chill or freeze the plate and use it to keep cheese, puffer fish sashimi or Grandma’s famous deviled eggs cool and safe to eat.

Heat the plate in the oven or microwave to keep bread, baked brie or Grandma’s not-as-famous Velveeta-Vienna sausage-coconut bites warm for extended periods of time.

Each SPARQ plate is slightly unique in coloring and exact shape due to the natural materials used in its creation. Order several and completely eliminate the need for bulky chafing dishes that introduce open flames to such combustibles as, well, Grandma’s linen tablecloth.

Because as we all know, Party Rule #1 is to never set your guests on fire.

SPARQ Oven-to-Table Entertainment Plate, $45