Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Little Black Box

Forget the tiny blue box with the white ribbon. Most gay men would prefer a techy gadget over jewelry any day. Besides, our diamond-studded Tiffany Prince Albert is the only bling we need.

This year, we’ve found what could easily be the best $99 gift on the planet: The latest version of Apple TV.

Inside the tiny black box is the key to the universe.

Simply input your existing Apple ID (you know, the one you use to purchase music and everything else on your iPads, iPods and iPhones) or create one for free if you’re a virgin to the Appleverse.

Apple TV seamlessly merges with your iTunes account so that any movies, TV shows or albums you have in your library are instantly available for playback on your HDTV at full 1080p resolution.

With a Hulu Plus membership, you can access your favorite gay Bravo shows and everything on nearly any network imaginable. Stream movies and TV shows with the built-in Netflix option, too.

And spend hours surfing through hilarious YouTube videos, which are much more engrossing on a big screen. Plus, this will be the best way possible in January to watch the just-announced gay YouTube network, Gwist from the founder of Logo, which as you know ain’t so gay any more.

You’ll have access to enough content to completely ditch your cable or satellite service and save hundreds of dollars a year.

You can even stream all your digital photos on Apple TV, too.

Just promise you’ll delete all your Manhunt profile photos before you invite the family over for a slide show.