Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Howliday Treats

In the latest Gay List Daily demographics report, we were pleased to learn that our readership among gay dogs has increased 34%, making our total canine reach among the highest in the world.

If that’s you, we proudly say arf arrrff arrr ruuuuuf arf ruff grrrrrr!

But that whole lack of opposable thumbs thing makes it difficult for our furry friends to perform basic holiday tasks such as tree decorating, gift wrapping or gay apparel donning.

Don’t even think about cookie decorating.

That’s where you and the new Sunbeam Pets Gourmet Dog Treat Maker come in. Now you can create four freshly baked treats quickly and easily. The package comes complete with dog-friendly recipes so you can carefully control exactly what goes in.

And it’s not just dogs that love these wonderful baked goods. We have it on good authority that Rudolph and his team would appreciate the gesture, too.

Just be sure to clearly mark which cookies are for Santa. Don’t want another angry letter from the fat guy concerning our Christmas Eve snack selection.

Sunbeam Pets Gourmet Dog Treats Maker
Available exclusively at PetSmart