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Underwear of the Month: Underwear of the Month


No, the headline above is not a typo.

Normally, our Underwear of the Month feature focuses on one particular brand or style, but this time we’re focusing on an actual service that ships you a pair of sexy skivvies each and every month.

Meet Underwear Nation, a fun new way to routinely get your hands on a big package. Inside you’ll find a pair of designer underwear “expertly curated” by their man-panty gurus. (Sadly, when we were young, Men’s Underwear Curator wasn’t on the what-we-want-to-be-when-we-grow-up list next to Fireman, Cowboy and Cat Gynecologist.)

The Underwear Nation process is simple. Choose your favorite style (boxer briefs or briefs), your size and how many months you wish to receive a great new pair of underwear in your mailbox. If you’re not a fanatic about which style you like best, we recommend selecting “Editor’s Choice” and let that underwear curator really earn his keep.

Even we received a brand we’d never heard of and we get A LOT of underwear sent our way. So rest easy knowing that you’re not going to simply get a pair Fruit of the Loom tighty whities tie-dyed and bedazzled because somebody saw that on Pinterest.

An Underwear Nation membership is a fantastic gift for all the underwear enthusiasts on your list.

And if you’re lucky, once a month they’ll come over and model them for you.

Starting at $22/month based on membership duration and style chosen

Gay List Daily Deal: Use promo code GAYLIST to receive a FREE pair of designer men’s underwear for yourself when you sign up for a 6- or 12-month membership or gift membership. Free shipping on all orders within the U.S.  You will be contacted by an Underwear Nation representative after you place your order to redeem your free pair. Offer valid until December 31, 2012.