Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Drink Pink


Last time we traveled to the equator, it was on a gay cruise to a tiny island that was so hot we thought our Speedo was going to spontaneously combust. How great it would have been to have a tall glass of Zhumir Pink to quench our thirst.

If only we’d known we were so close, yet so far, from drinking in the tasty spirit from Ecuador we would’ve asked the Captain to kindly divert the ship in that direction.

Distilled from sugar cane and featuring the luscious flavors of watermelon, it’s a low-alcohol spirit (only 15% by volume) that’s absolutely perfect on the rocks and even better with a small twist of lime. No mixer needed.

Lightly sweet and abundantly fragrant, it’s a nice change of pace from overly strong flavored vodkas or sugary sweet wines. The uniquely shaped bottle is an eye-catcher, too.

Best of all, Dallas is one of the very few markets outside of Ecuador to carry the product. It can be found in a few select restaurants, as well as Goody Goody and a growing list of liquor stores.

So throw out the high-calorie eggnog and change things up a bit this season. Then make sure to keep several bottles handy for the hot days of summer.

Though if you think your swimsuit might spontaneously combust in the Texas heat, please come over so we can help you blow out the fire.

$19.99 suggested retail price, 750ml