Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Better Late Than Gift-Less


If you’re like us, there’s always somebody for whom we forget to buy a gift. And it’s usually as we’re pulling up to his house for a party. (Or crawling into bed with for our annual Open Relationship Secret Santa Gift Exchange.)

Rather than duck out and hit the 7-11 for a large order of nachos, a tube of Extra-Strength Tylenol and a few lottery scratch-offs, log on to giftcard.com from your phone. Within seconds you can order gift cards in several denominations from all the best retailers.

Amazon.com, SpaFinder, Brinker International, JCPenney, Fandango and Travelocity are among our favorites from a huge selection of more than 70 choices.

What’s really cool is that these are all available as e-gift cards. That means they can be e-mailed or texted directly to the recipient. So even if there’s no box for them to physically open, you can show up prepared with a story about how you’re saving the environment by going digital.

Somewhere in a tree farm in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a mighty oak used to make holiday gift wrap thanking you for sparing it from the pulper another year.