Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Booze For Santa


This year, instead of milk and cookies for Santa Claus, why not give him something a little stronger but equally sweet and indulgent? After all, it’s technically the reindeer doing all the driving, so it’s not like you’ll be promoting FAMSUI (Flying A Magical Sleigh Under The Influence).

One of the best spirits for the holidays is the super-premium dark chocolate liqueur, Chocolat Royal, from Marie Brizard.

It makes for a great addition to brownies and cookies, too, but we prefer just to drink it ice cold. At only 71 calories per ounce, a mere shot will give you the sweetness you crave and the buzz you need to get through the holidays.

However, if you want to be really naughty, put four ounces in a cocktail shaker with a splash of heavy cream and serve in a frozen martini glass for a show-stopping drink that will have everyone visiting your house asking for more.

Just in case, go ahead and prepare the guest room for Santa to stay overnight. Fair warning, though. He snores like a buzz saw and likes to sneak into bed to spoon.

$27.99 suggested retail, 750ml