Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Getting Our Phil


Today is the last original Gay List Daily for 2012, because we need a vacation! So as our final gift to you this season, we chatted with one of the hottest guys on the planet, Philip John Fusco. Yes, he’s straight, but that’s what chloroform is for.

Feast your eyes on this fine specimen of man candy, find out what makes him tick, then order his calendar for 365 days of inspiration. To get your ass to the gym.

Gay List Daily: What’s it like knowing that gay men will be ogling your body for 365 days in a row?
Philip Fusco:
Honestly it doesn’t bother me at all I love it. If anything I take is as a form of flattery.

GLD: If you had to pick a favorite month of your own calendar, which would it be and why?
PF: My birthday is September 19 so that’s my favorite month and day, which is actually marked in the calendar. <laughs> In general, I love all the pictures in the calendar, but my favorite picture is the one on February, which was taken by a good friend and trusted photographer, John Falocco.

GLD: We’d have to disagree and pick your nearly naked September pic. Which photograph was the most difficult to shoot?
In the calendar, most of the shots were simple but in other shoots for instance some of the photographers thought my arms and legs were made of plastic and contoured them into nearly impossible positions. <laughs>

GLD: Fluffer or no fluffer?
<laughs> Italian boys don’t need a fluffer.

GLD: You’ve worked for Undergear before, so you’re probably pretty familiar with gays becoming infatuated with you. What’s your favorite brand and style of underwear when you’re not being photographed?
My favorite brand hands down is Andrew Christian. It looks awesome and it’s like having your ass and balls hugged by a cloud.

GLD: Oh to be a cloud. We say model as long as you can, but what are your post-modeling aspirations?
PF: Definitely acting and into TV and films. I am in currently in acting school and have connections with some agents waiting for me to graduate. I am also going to launch my YouTube Channel next month so my fans can see more of my personality and lifestyle and not just the images.

GLD: Ah, more than just a pretty face then! If you could say one last thing to persuade gay men (and straight women, too) to purchase your calendar, what would it be?
PF: Since the world is not looking like it’s ending today, please buy my calendar! If it helps, you can see me in a jockstrap with hot red socks.