Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Going Down On A Pie


Turn on the TV today and you’ll find almost nothing but commercials for weight loss programs, gym memberships and “healthy” microwaveable meals that smell like a landfill and taste like cat food. That’s because something strange happens every January 1 at 12:01 a.m. that makes people want to lose weight and get fit.

Perhaps it’s the rapidly approaching swimsuit season.

Or maybe it’s simply the desire to fit into something more flattering than baggy sweatpants and an over-sized T-shirt.

And just think, when you uncover that Michael Phelpsian body lurking deep within, you’ll finally be able to change the profile picture on your GPS dating app from a blurry close-up of your foot to a full-on shot of you in nothing but a towel, flexing your biceps in a locker room mirror.

But let’s face it. Eating healthy sucks. And it almost completely eliminates the ability to dine out. Except at Seasons 52, which just opened its second area location at NorthPark Center late last year.

If you’ve never been, make a reservation now and prepare to be blown away by the new gold standard in low-calorie meals. Nothing on the menu clocks in higher than 475 calories, whether it’s fantastic, crispy flatbreads, fresh salads or an entree of duck, beef or seafood. It’s incredible how much flavor can be packed into something that’s actually good for you.

Best of all, the main menu changes four times a year to reflect the larger seasonality of ingredients, but weekly offerings tap into the very freshest fruits and vegetables at their absolute peak. Even the Mini Indulgences desserts fall within the calorie allotment. Just avoid the temptation to order one of every option (above).

Otherwise, we see a lot of elastic waistbands in your future.

Seasons 52
NorthPark Center, Dallas
(214) 361-5252