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Resolution Week: Sleeping Beauties


Getting a great night’s sleep isn’t just about your mattress. It’s also important to have something delightful on which to rest your head. And because Ricky Martin isn’t always available, we often turn to pillows.

With custom-made pillows from The Pillow Bar, your sleep experience is about to be taken to a whole new level. Their pillows are designed to work best for your sleeping position, your physical size and your desired level of softness. Filled with Hungarian goose down (and absolutely zero prickly feather stems) and wrapped in 100% cotton sateen cases, each pillow is a dream come true.

Celebrity followers include Whoopi Goldberg (who featured it as one of The View’s Oprah-style “Favorite Things” and bought a bunch for co-host Sherri Shepherd’s birthday), numerous professional athletes and reporters at The Wall Street Journal, who accused the pillows of being “narcotic…because we slept so well.”

Their pillows are available in lots of different sizes, including a specialized chiropractor-designed, boomerang-shaped side sleeper (our fave!), travel pillows and standard rectangle ones.

Sure, they’re pretty pricey, but why not treat yourself to some luxury when you sleep – it’s where you spend 1/3 of your day, after all!

For some additional flair, each is monogrammed with the message of your choice. Because trust us, you’re not going want to ever again loan your pillow to the tired pool boy so he can take a quick nap.

Well, unless they send the Ricky Martin lookalike again.

The Pillow Bar
Starting at $89, up to $345