Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fab Fiesta Fest


Tomorrow may be the first day you ever call in sick because of a party — one you haven’t yet attended.

It’s time for the 25th Annual Partyfest and it’s a one-day extravaganza featuring everything necessary to throw the most sophisticated soirée in history. Caterers, live entertainers, decorators, event facility owners and anyone with a knack for putting together great shindigs will be on hand to share tips and tricks, as well as provide samples of their wares.

The only catch, it’s during the workday. But isn’t putting together a party that everyone will be talking about for months worth risking steady employment?

Admission is only ten bucks and that includes free parking. So even if you can only pop over on your lunch break and dine on food samples, you’ll still get enough ideas to finally conquer all your party-throwing rivals.

Because a quinceañera isn’t the only suitable event for live horses dressed as pink unicorns. We’re pretty sure throwing a naked male model on top would make for ideal summer pool party entertainment.

Especially when it’s time for a three-legged race.

25th Annual Partyfest
Admission: $10
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
Dallas Market Hall
2200 North Stemmons Freeway at Market