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Worth The Weight


Some people hate scales. Because if you’re using one, most likely it’s because you’re trying to lose weight and some days the results can be pretty brutal.

But as any personal trainer, nutritionist or eavesdropping queen sitting on the barstool next to you will advise, it’s not the daily reading that’s as important as your weight change over time.

That’s why the EatSmart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale is so perfect. It tracks your weight from Day One. Every time you step on it, it displays your current weight, your weight change from your previous weigh-in and the total change from your starting point.

That total change number is what we find most motivational because it’s less concerned with the effects of that 24-ounce ribeye and bread pudding martini we had for dinner the night before and more about our overall progress.

Batteries are included, so there’s no excuse for getting started as soon as the box arrives.

The EatSmart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale recognizes everyone in the household, too. We simply entered our information once and every time we step on the scale, it’s able to distinguish us from our boyfriend, our overnight visitors and the cleaning lady who likes to work naked.

We just wish she’d stop sticking the feather duster in her cooch to clean the edges of our dining room table as she walks around it. That’s starting to get creepy.