Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fast Foodies


We’ve been known to drive through Jack in the Box after a DIFFA dinner to gorge on 2-for-99¢ tacos. It’s a weakness we’re not proud of.

But what if there were a fast food place that served real food, not the processed BS that fills McMenus and restaurants with “Bell” in their name?

That’s what Start set out to be when it opened last year. And it’s gained a legion of loyal followers. So why are we so late to the game? Actually, we’re not. We just weren’t that impressed the first time around, and it’s our mission at Gay List Daily to only write about places we’d recommend to our very best friends.

So here we are today to say that we, too, have become Start converts. After returning and working our way through the menu, we’ve found that our original opinion (though valid at the time) has been proven wrong.

Whether you’re there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, everything is of the highest quality and served in environmentally responsible packaging. Therefore, don’t expect a dollar menu. Instead, anticipate delicious, healthy ingredients disguised as your favorite on-the-go fare.

Our favorite is the baked empanadas – flaky whole wheat crust filled with chicken or cheese, served piping hot. They make for a nice indulgence alongside the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad, a combo of nutty quinoa, feta, veggies and made-from-scratch vinaigrette. Add grilled chicken and you’re set for hours with quality fuel for your body.

And if you’re craving truer-to-form fast food, check out A Badder Better Burger and some baked tater tots. The only thing missing? Grease, sodium overload and attitude from the drive-thru girl.

Well, unless you ask her for a McRib.

4814 Greenville Avenue, Dallas
(214) 265-1411