Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Knox Your Socks Off


The weather outside is frightful. At least from where we’re sitting. Unfortunately, that means we can’t do our normal daily barefoot 5K through the woods. (Just because we have French tips on our pedicure doesn’t mean we’re sitting around eating Chocolate Covered Pringles watching Judge Judy.)

But we shall cope because surprisingly enough, occasionally we enjoy wearing clothes. Including socks. They just have to be sublime enough to make it worth the effort to bend over – which is odd, because we’re actually quite skilled at that movement.

Next time your ten little piggies are chilly or you’re headed to someplace like, oh, work where socks are required, try Nigel Knox on for size.

They’ve got a vast array of socks that suit just about any personality type, from conservative and naughty to witty and dapper. They might feature stripes (including rainbow for your next pride event), skull and crossbones, a Magic 8-Ball (or simply “8-Ball” if you’re a billiards type), even a line that’s ribbed for your pleasure.

Available in cotton, wool, alapaca and cashmere blends these aren’t the cheap socks you buy in six-packs to be sure.

But if you really want to turn heads, you might as well start with your feet.

Nigel Knox
From $17.50 per pair



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