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Go Ahead, Tap It


Drinking water shouldn’t kill you. Or give you a fourth nipple. Yet so many of our municipal water supplies are downright unhealthy.

The only solutions are adding a filtration system to your home water supply (expensive), constantly filling up one of those refrigerator filter pitchers (annoying), or strapping a five-gallon bottle of water from the office cooler to your back and throwing on an overcoat (genius, but risky).

Now, there’s an easier way that’s affordable and functional.

The Aquagear Tritan Tap Filter Bottle is 100% BPA free and features a built-in water filter that’s 100% recyclable. Each filter works on up to 75 gallons, or approximate 350 refills to remove up to 99.99% of all tap water contaminants.

The filter is attached to the straw, so as you drink you’re filtering out chlorine and other industrial chemicals that lead to bad taste and bad health.

See Mom, we told you our sucking skills would pay off some day.