Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kitschin’ Duty


One of the first male nudie magazines we ever saw was a Playgirl that featured a pictorial with a hot guy in nothing but an apron. Eventually, the apron came off, of course, but the image was enough to raise our temperature. Among other things.

It’s that very Playgirl moment of truth that we attribute to not only our obsession with food, but also tall, dark brunettes with abs of steel, a rolling pin between their legs and a cookie sheet full of macaroons – a very specific obsession to be sure, but surprisingly easy to find on Craig’s List.

Now we have a place for both hunky eye candy, delicious recipes and witty banter all in one site. It’s called Queer in the Kitchen and it just launched last October by two Dallas friends, John Boerger and Kyle Tatum (above).

Known for the occasional shirtless photo with their food, these guys know how to entertain whether they’ve got a whisk in their hands or a Pink Lady Martini.

Recipes range from healthy to super-indulgent, with everything in between. The photos represent food porn at its finest, but it’s clear that they’re actually making the dishes and taking the shots, which lends authenticity.

One of our favorite blog features is Pairs Well With. In this regular segment, you get both a quick film review and a fitting recipe. Hitchcock and Shepherd’s Pie, anyone? Frankenweenie and spiral cut hot dogs?

Even though we love the site, it’s all just too dangerous. Because they, too, have taken photos wearing nothing but aprons, we just might have to track them down to fulfill a fantasy or two.

Just as long as they bring frosting.