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Armed & Fabulous


There’s nothing like a good strap-on.

Fanny packs. Coal miner head lamps. Our over-the-shoulder White Party angel wings. You name it, if it can be strapped on, we’re all over it.

That’s one of the reasons we were so intrigued by the BodyMedia FIT system. The armband is like a tiny computer that constantly provides data about daily activity. In fact, it is a tiny computer!

Not only does it track the calories consumed and calories burned, it monitors sleep, too, which is an important component in fitness and weight loss that often goes overlooked (especially when we’re busy dancing on a box at a rave).

Plus, it’s Bluetooth enabled to work with smartphone apps, making it super easy to share information and get the most current stats on your activities. By keeping track of all this data, clinical research indicates that users can improve weight loss by up to three times.

Too bad it doesn’t do any of the actual exercising for you, because that’s a strap-on we could really get behind.

Though not as fun as being in front.

BodyMedia FIT with Bluetooth LINK
$119.00 (regularly $149.00)
$6.95 per month for optional online activity monitoring