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Reality Bites


Imagine how rich we’d be if we were given cash and prizes every time we slipped something tasty into someone’s mouth.

Sadly, producers didn’t come looking for us when they were casting The Taste, a new cooking competition premiering tonight on ABC.

We love the format of this show, which represents a definitive YES to the question of whether or not we need another food competition on TV. Instead of being possibly swayed by a contestant’s personality or appearance, how the food is prepared, or even the way the food appears on a plate, here the judges are tasting blind.

And just one bite.

Yep, each contestant’s future on the show rests on a single, perfect bite of food. Pretty cool, we think. Plus, by pitting professional chefs against home cooks, it’s possible to level the playing field a bit because a non-pro might make great tasting food, but lack in knife or presentation skills.

Judges on hand are chef Anthony Bourdain, chef Ludo Lefebvre, restaurateur Brian Malarkey and one of our all-time favorite food goddesses, Nigella Lawson, star of several cooking shows of her own.

The Taste could heat up to be one of the greatest food challenges on TV this season. Even more, it could create an entire new weight loss trend: The One-Bite-A-Meal Diet.

Because as we all know, sometimes great things come in small packages.

The Taste
Premieres tonight 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. Central