Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sun Day, Fun Day


One of the biggest downsides of beaches is the complete lack of electrical outlets. Because we love to multi-task. While we’re lying in the sun, wouldn’t it be nice if we could also blend a batch of margaritas? Or manscape and let the wind take the hair away?

But no, we’re forever forced to settle for battery-powered devices.

Until now. We’ve just discovered the Rukus Solar, a boombox for the 21st century. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly connect to your smartphone, tablet or computer, you’ll never be without your favorite tunes.

A solar panel keeps the device fully operational while the sun’s out and the lithium battery keeps the music going for up to eight hours. Of course, there’s also an AC adaptor if you find yourself poolside or some place that actually has good old-fashioned electricity.

Plus, the sound is fantastic. And way more powerful than playing music directly from your any of your portable devices.

But wait, that’s not all!

The Rukus Solar also includes a USB connector that allows you to charge any USB-powered device via the solar panel, too.

You know, so you can make sure Grindr and Scruff are fully operational on your phone. Because you never know who might be a few lounge chairs away.

$149.99 (includes three free months of MOG music service)