Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Red, Red Wine (And Meat)


There’s a fancy wine dinner somewhere in Dallas nearly every night.

Somewhere around half of those are at our house. Except they’re not fancy. And the wine’s from a box. And we don’t eat anything. But still.

So when wine dinner press releases come across our desk, it takes a lot for us to be intrigued. This Friday night, however, SĒR Steak+Spirits at the Hilton Anatole is hosting one that has us in a state of depression that we’re going to be away on a gay cruise. (But don’t worry about us, we’ll still get our fill of meat.)

For the event, titled 90/10, everything on the menu will be very highly rated. Wines are all ranked 90 or higher by a variety of experts, while the beef will rate 10 or higher on the 12-point Japanese Beef Marble Score System. Yes, there is such a thing.

Incredibly flavorful Wagyu beef from Masami Ranch in California will comprise five of the six courses. From tenderloin tar tar and smoked belly to braised oxtail and seared New York Strip, each will be paired with a luscious red wine. You’ll be mooing with purple teeth before the night is done.

And because of your pending food coma, the Hilton is even offering a special $89 room rate. You know, in case you wanna little pork.

90/10 Wine Dinner
Friday, February 1, 7:00 p.m.
$150 per person, plus tax/gratuity
SĒR Steak+Spirits at the Hilton Anatole
2201 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas