Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Phantastic Phowl


Dinner out on Valentine’s Day is what we fondly refer to as Amateur Night. Because everybody hits the standard high-priced restaurants that are charging even higher prices to shuffle you in and out to make room for as many lovers as possible. If you’re lucky, you get a chocolate-covered strawberry on a stick as a parting gift. And a 30-minute wait for valet.

It’s hardly romantic.

Instead, pamper your sweetheart with a romantic dinner at home. You can enjoy a candlelit meal complete with fine wine and champagne for less than any restaurant tab. And if you decide to have sex for dessert, nobody’s going to call the police when they find you going at it on the bathroom counter.

That’s where a delectable pheasant comes into play. (Before dinner, that is. We’re not suggesting sex with a pheasant.)

MacFarlane Pheasants is your go-to resource for creating an elegant pheasant dinner. You can order pre-cooked or smoked birds for true simplicity, or work your own magic with one of their many easy-to-follow, delicious recipes. Their pheasant products can be found at many fine stores nationwide or you can order online and have everything shipped directly to your door.

Pheasant is naturally protein-rich and very low in fat, so it’s a healthy and memorable way to say “I Love You” with a teeny-tiny bird.

And so much more practical than that damn partridge in a pear tree you gave at Christmas.