Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ella, Ella, Ella


There are lots of things we’ve learned to do with one hand.

Text. Drive. Eat corn on the cob.

But until now, one-handed umbrella operation has not been something we could achieve easily, let alone perform in the talent portion of a beauty pageant.

So welcome the GRIP2 umbrella into your home this spring and get ready for all those April showers (or rain of fire, depending how bad this global warming thing gets). It’s probably the coolest umbrella we’ve ever stood beneath. (Except that one oddly lucid dream where we were Mary Poppins surveying the world’s nude beaches from the sky.)

What makes GRIP2 so special is its unique slidable grip, allowing you to move your hand up and down the shaft until you find a spot that feels best. By moving the grip higher, for instance, you can withstand wind gusts much easier than with a typical umbrella where the grip is all the way at the base. It’s also large enough to protect at least two people comfortably.

Because the grip can be easily moved and locked with one hand, you can keep your other appendages free to chat on the phone, walk your cat or twirl a flaming baton.

We’re always practicing for that darn pageant. Wish us luck.

GRIP2 Umbrella, $54.95

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