Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Totally Tan-talizing


If we were to stand in front a snowy mountain completely naked, the only thing you’d see would be our sparkly blue eyes. And our signature magenta pubic handlebar mustache.

So to say that we desperately need a tan is an understatement.

But along with our porcelain-pure Vanna Whiteness comes a terrible curse. We burn. Extra crispy.

All that changes today, however, when LUX Tannning Spa opens for business. This posh, gay-owned spa is devoted exclusively to a high-end tanning experience. From the moment you set foot into the ultra-modern, shiny black facility filled with space-age bronzing equipment, you know you’re not at that scary tanning salon that keeps trying to lure you into its filthy pit of decrepit machines with endless Groupons.

Here, you’re greeted with a glass of Champagne and a vast menu of tanning bed options, including a stand-up version, all designed for different levels of pigmentation. (Or lack thereof.) Each features a pleasant voice that guides you through the entire process.

We tested out the SunAngel Duo, a machine exclusive to LUX that custom engineers the tanning session based on your skin type, eliminating the risk of overexposure. Simply place a color-detection device on your forehead, as well as the palest part of your body that you wish to tan, and the computer does the rest.

We then finished up with a session in the VersaPRO, a five-minute sunless spray-tan that includes anti-aging treatment and customizable levels of bronzing.

Now, mere hours later we look like we just stepped off a postcard from the beaches of Saint-Tropez. Not the shores of Antarctica like before.

LUX Tanning Spa
Opens Today, walk-ins welcome
4411 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas

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