Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shape Shifter

If your six-pack is hidden under a party keg, you could benefit from body contouring.

Or perhaps your neck blows in the wind like a surrender flag atop a pirate ship. Then, too, you could really use some help.

These problems used to require horribly expensive, invasive cosmetic procedures that left you confined to your bed for days or weeks of recovery. But now, incredible results can be achieved thanks to one revolutionary machine — Bella Contour.

In just one treatment, you’ll see noticeable results that only improve exponentially as you continue a series of sessions.

Fat can be reduced by up to 8” in a single treatment area thanks to a combination of low energy ultrasound, electrical stimulation and vacuum massage. Approved by the FDA to stimulate facial and body fat cells so that fat is released and then eliminated, Bella Contour is nothing short of miraculous.

Of course, we had to try it out for ourselves.

After slathering our belly with ultrasound gel and affixing a series of electrodes, the aesthetician got to work on our most troublesome areas of fat collection. As the electrodes pulsed, we could feel the muscles contracting below. Meanwhile, we knew that the warmth of the wand she was waving over our stomach area was fast at work melting away the fat.

After about 45 minutes, we lost nearly 3/4 of an inch up and down our abdomen.

To be sure, this service is not cheap, but if the results are this incredible after only one treatment, we can only image how hot and sexy we’d look after two.

After a full 10? We’d have to distribute our own beefcake calendar.

Think of it as our gift to the world.

Bella Contour at Southlake Town Square
$4500, series of 10 body treatments
$3900, series of 5 facial contouring treatments

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