Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Brunch Of The Month: Southern Decadence

Walk inside Jack’s Southern Comfort Food and surrender. In here, there are no diets. No calorie counting. No obsession over carbs.

Just glorious flavors and decadence in abundance.

At Jack’s, let your taste buds play and send your belt goes on vacation. Because this is where biscuits arrive the size of a perky C-cup. Start with one slathered in maple syrup, toasted pecans and walnuts with a cup of hot coffee. It’s the brunch appetizer of champions.

Once your blood sugar balances out a bit, shift gears and focus on the savory. There are biscuit sandwiches, of course, but also unique twists on classics such as Pigs in a Pashmina, sausage in puff pastry with cheeses and jalapeño.

Chicken and waffles get a buffalo-sauce makeover, accessorized with blue cheese compound butter and moonshine syrup. Benedict heads to Texas with brisket chili and eggs atop poblano corn casserole. And Southern sausage balls made with Jimmy’s Italian Sausage are an ideal egg accompaniment that we wish we’d thought of years ago.

There’s also a lineup of upside-down pot pies where toppings of smoked chicken, Louisiana crawfish, braised brisket or pork and green chile turn a layer of biscuits and Bechamel sauce into a hearty meal. Served with salad, of course, so you don’t feel too guilty when that coconut cream pie shows up for dessert.

Then after a mandatory nap, you have our permission to hit the gym and start thinking about all those calories again.

Jack’s Southern Comfort Food
1905 Greenville Ave
Dallas, Texas 75206
(214)  821-0900