Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Street Art

Watching the traffic report on the local news is probably not likely to inspire many people to find beauty in what they see. With all the traffic jams, 13-car pileups and flashing red, yellow and green lights, it’s more chaos than anything.

Yet there’s an artist who sees city maps a little differently. Her name is Jenna Sue and she’s taken what many of us take for granted everyday and turned them into works of modern art.

Locate the city you were born in, where you live now and a few of your favorite all-time travel destinations. Choose a color for the background, one for the roads and the size you desire. Suddenly you have a wall full of meaningful art.

From the linear and truly geometric to metropolises with crazy layouts, each is striking and unique. There are nearly 500 worldwide cities available, but you can make a special request and she’ll get you a print of any city you wish.

Even if you grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and simply want a red square with a white line through it.

Jenna Sue will be happy to make it happen.

$13 – $100