Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sexy & Stretchy

Typically, our swimsuits are like our treadmill: Just for show.

But there are occasions when we, and millions of other fashion-conscious gay men, seek swimwear that’s as sexy as it is high-performance. (Like a male prostitute with an over-booked appointment calendar.)

When we actually do get in the pool to do laps or jump in the ocean for our yearly swim between Florida and Cuba, most of our swimsuits aren’t up for the challenge. Not Aqua Sphere suits, though. They’re built to last and provide the long-lasting comfort and durability that even professional swimmers demand.

The Corfu suit (above) is a great example, though there are skimpier versions available, too. Featuring an elastic waistband and construction of 53% polyester and 47% P.B.T. (a fabric similar to spandex), these suits allow for high chlorine resistance, superior stretch, a structured fit and just enough compression to keep all your protruding parts in the right place.

Better still, these suits with their trademarked Aqua Infinity fabric technology dry quickly and provide both UVA and UVB protection. So not only are your bulges where they ought to be, they won’t get a nasty sunburn, either.

Because much like a hearse, some things don’t look good in red.

Aqua Sphere Swimwear for Men
$27.95 to $44.95