Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Your Bloody, Bloody Valentine

Love is scary. Sometimes more literally than others.

For anyone who hearts blood and guts as much as they heart soft kisses, cuddling and covert fingering, tonight offers up an unusual way to ring in Cupid’s favorite holiday.

It’s called Horror Remix: LOVE, two hours of horrific break-ups with a good, solid R-rating. Taking clips primarily from three schlocky films, Killing Spree (1987), Haunting Fear (1990) and Super Vixens (1975), a full-length movie is pieced together that’s equal parts funny, kitschy, gory and flat-out frightening.

Partly because it stars Jan Michael Vincent and Karen Black, partly because there are lots of giant boobies.

But who cares, it’s free. And that’s about as cheap a Valentine’s date as you’ll ever find.

Horror Remix: LOVE
Tonight, 8:00 p.m.
Studio Movie Grill
11170 North Central Expressway, Dallas