Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Diffusing The Situation


Sometimes life stinks.

Your neighbor could have a penchant for cooking cabbage at 2:00 a.m. Your dog may love howling in the rain and then shaking off all over your goose down duvet. Or perhaps you were stuck on a Carnival cruise ship for days without power and plumbing and you simply can’t get that stench out of your nose.

Consider yourself in luck.

The complete line of H2EO AirCare diffusers is a great way to make any room smell delightful without the use of harsh chemical deodorizers. All you need is distilled water and essential oils. The diffuser emits a cool mist vapor which keeps the chemistry of essential oils intact, something that’s altered by any machine that utilizes heat.

Best of all, it only takes a few drops of essential oil to keep your room smelling fresh for hours.

Relax to the diffuser’s multi-colored lights that calm as the cool mist works its magic, or turn the lights off completely for a restful night’s sleep. The unit shuts off if the water level gets low, so you never have to worry about an essential oil catastrophe.

Every diffuser includes a free 7.5ml essential oil with options that include Blue Gem Eucalyptus, Lemon Tea Tree, Peppermint and many more speciality blends. Or you can use any essential oil you like.

Suddenly, life is sweet again.