Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Naked is always good. Except when it comes to walls. And Supreme Court Justices.

But covering up that blank wall can be such a hassle. Painting is messy and tedious. Hanging framed art and photographs is expensive and time-consuming. Other than moving a large piece of furniture to fill the void, your last viable option is wallpaper.

And wallpaper hasn’t been cool since, well, never.

That’s all about to change thanks to Pickawall.com, a revolutionary new way to customize your interiors with easy-to-apply, removable wallpaper murals. You won’t need paste or any special tools, either.

Select from literally millions of photographs thanks to a partnership with Getty images. Then customize your favorite to perfectly fit your space. Even convert the image to black-and-white or a monotone for dramatic effect.

Best of all, you can turn any photograph into a gigantic, wall-covering image, whether it’s a special vacation memory or a boudoir photo of your mother-in-law (perfect for keeping overnight guests from overstaying their welcome).

Because the murals install in minutes, you may decide to change them out for every season, holiday or big gay theme party.

Naked walls, like boring wallpaper, will forever be a thing of the past.

6-foot-square murals from $191