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Let Them Eat Pound Cake

Everybody loves grandmas. Maybe it’s because they can get away with spoiling you. After all, when your grandmother puts a big plate of dessert in front of you, it’s a free pass to indulge. Because she won’t buy that whole no-carb mantra of yours for one second.

So imagine the unconditional love and non-stop doting of your own granny and multiply that times nine. That’s exactly what you’ll get any time you order one of the many decadent and delightful pound cakes from The 9 Nanas.

Made from organic ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, these are the freshest hunks of cake imaginable. They started with simple vanilla pound cakes, but they also bake other indulgent varieties, including lemon, lime, orange and chocolate.

As if that’s not enough to satisfy your cravings, they’ve also cooked up batches of delicious caramel and chocolate sauces, as well as citrus curds that take these otherwise simple desserts and elevate them to gourmet dinner-worthy finales.

Best of all, these Nanas are about as sweet as the pounds and pounds of sugar in their pantries. Purchasing their cakes and goodies allows them to transform into self-proclaimed fairy grandmothers. For nearly 40 years, they’ve secretly helped thousands of strangers. From paying utility bills and car notes to providing food, clothing or just about anything a person may need, they’ve dedicated their lives to truly paying it forward.

Or more accurately, baking it forward.

$21.99 (loaf and curd combo) and up