Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Energy, Efficient

We’re running out of available skin. Between our nicotine patches, testosterone patches and birth control patches (because we still have nightmares about birthing a butt baby), there’s not much surface area left on our arms.

But we’re going to make room for just one more patch in our tapestry of quick fixes.

Say howdy to the Spot On Energy Patch. It’s the biggest rush of energy we’ve had since the ‘90s when our daily breakfast ritual consisted of a toasted whole-grain bagel, egg whites and a dime bag of cocaine.

Plus, we absolutely hate the taste of most energy drinks. And they’re expensive, too.

These patches deliver active ingredients directly to the body without calories, chemicals or artificial anything. The all-natural ingredients, which include caffeinum, tea and zincum phosphoratum (our personal favorite), provide up to five hours of prolonged energy, alertness and mental focus.

The only downside is after removal, we’re left with a sticky residue that takes a good scrubbing to remove.

But we’re used to that.

From $2.99 (4 patches) at amazon.com
Also available at CVS, Walgreen’s and Family Dollar.
Like Spot On Energy on Facebook and e-mail for 2 free patches.



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