Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nightie Night

As most of the men in the continental U.S. know by now (from first-hand experience and the occasional leaked hidden-camera footage), we typically sleep in the nude. Well, if you don’t count the hand-knitted nipple cozies our great aunt left us in her will.

That’s because we find that pajamas, especially the flannel variety, are just too confining. And waaay too hot.

So when we were sent a set of Goodnighties, we were skeptical. But after sleeping in the t-shirt and boxers for one night, we were amazed.

The fabric is this crazy space-age, four-way stretch stuff that’s incredibly soft. But more than just the simple comfort factor, it’s an ionized fabric that actually wicks away moisture and increases blood flow. This helps you not only sleep better, but decrease any pain you may be experiencing, too.

The material is much thinner than the wick-away fabrics we’re used to sporting at the gym, so Goodnighties really are the next best thing to being naked.

Except for hand-knitted nipple cozies. But Great Aunt Gerty was always ahead of her time.

Goodnighties for Men
$29.95 per piece (boxer and t-shirt)