Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Celebrating Lint

Today is a day of goodbyes.

While dozens of people worldwide are saddened by the early exit of the Pope, we have a few things to which we’re happy to scream, “Adios!”

Goodbye, lint!

Farewell, deodorant marks!

Sayonara, pet hair!

Yes, thanks to one of our favorite new discoveries, Unmarx, we can quickly and easily remove nearly any stain from our clothing. (Monica Lewinsky, are you reading this? We sense a spokesperson match made in heaven!)

What we love most about Unmarx is that it works over and over again without ever having to purchase refills, unlike our sticky mess of a lint roller.

We even used Unmarx to remove a Satanic curse from a party jacket we purchased at a thrift store thanks to the advice of ever-crazy televangelist Pat Robertson. He recently informed the world that clothing possessed by evil spirits is a definite possibility.

Best of all, we are proud to feature Unmarx because they donate 5% of their total sales to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, an organization that provides programs and services to anyone fighting the disease. One of our best friends is battling breast cancer, so we’re thrilled to know that getting our clothes lint-free could help her and millions of others become cancer-free.

So grab an Unmarx today and bid adieu to anything unwanted that’s clinging to your clothes. Even demons.