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Underwear Of The Month: The Briefest Boxers

We finally changed our underwear.

After more than five years of carefully curating our Underwear of the Month selections, it came to our attention that we’ve never once featured boxers. And for good reason. We just never found them very sexy.

Until now.

Pengallan has made us boxer believers. Their Slim-Fit Boxer is surprisingly hot (proof above) and flattering, unlike traditional boxers that make guys look super frumpy thanks to all that excess fabric in the booty.

Hand-stitched in NYC, these flattering boxers feature a relatively snug fit with a contoured seat that doesn’t ride up as it shows off your rear assets. And while the flat-front waistband is an eye-catching design detail, it’s elastic-free so we advise getting a smaller size than you might wear in tightie whities. Otherwise, they might fall down around your ankles.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing under the right circumstances.

$60 + free shipping