Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Flirt With His Nose

There are certain times when we can’t rely on our looks alone to land a man.

Like that time we were trapped in a darkened elevator during a blackout with the entire cast of male models who’d just completed a sexy calendar photo shoot. When the power finally came back on, all we left with was a phone number from October and a quick wink from July.

That’s why it’s good to be armed with an incredible fragrance — and not the waft of vodka that often encircles us like a warm hug. Because in this world of online dating and GPS hookup apps, fragrance is the final component of seduction that can’t be achieved with a computer.

Introducing Emeshel Y, a sophisticated new luxury fragrance designed to appeal to men who are as masculine as they are refined. Like us, minus the diamond tiara. (Though some would argue that only adds to our refinement.)

This eau de parfum is specially formulated to capture the essence of the modern man and it’s a sensual combination of sandalwood, vanilla and lavender with the subtle spice of pink pepper and coriander.

Ever since we’ve been wearing it, men have been following us down the street in an almost trance-like state, looks of ecstasy covering their faces as they inhale our luscious scent.

It’s almost overwhelming, but we’re not about to complain. After all, we’ve always considered ourselves cologne-bottle-half-full kind of guys.

$189.00 (tax and shipping included)
3.4 fl. oz spray