Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mean At Work

When it comes to showbiz legends, some gays go crazy with a Z for Liza, get all verklempt for Barbra or turn back time to hang with Cher.

Us, we’re Joan Rivers gays. No contest. Put us all in a lifeboat and we’d be seeing how quickly Liza, Babs and Cher sink to the bottom of the ocean. No offense to any of them, just a cold, hard fact.

That’s because Joan always makes us laugh, especially those jokes make headlines because others find them so offensive. Her unique brand of anything-for-a-laugh humor is totally what our wahhhhh-you-hurt-my-feelings politically correct world needs. And after all these years she regularly gets flack despite being one of the sharpest, quickest wits on the planet.

Catch her latest round of standup genius this Sunday at the Winspear, where hopefully she’ll open up about the media scandals she’s faced just in this past week.

But even if she sticks to the scripted material, we know we’ll be rolling in the aisles. From laughter this time, not a seizure like we had during Blue Man Group.

Joan Rivers
Sunday, March 10, 7:30 p.m.
Tickets from $37.50