Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Smooth Move

Sometimes, a bargain sounds too good to be true. Like the Groupon for BOGO lap dances at Schlong John Silver’s. Or the informercial advertising iPads for $19.99.

Turns out one was a forgery. And the other was just a Nyquil hallucination.

So it pays to investigate before buying.

That’s why we immediately put on our sleuth hat for Dollar Shave Club, a company that offers three levels of razor blades available for automatic monthly home delivery.

There’s the Humble Twin, which is the $1 option, which is really $3 thanks to $2 in shipping costs. It features two stainless steel blades with an aloe vera strip and arrives in a pack of five.

The 4X, as you’ve probably guessed, is a four-blade razor with an aloe vera strip and a 90-degree pivoting head. For just $6 per month (and free shipping), you get four cartridges in your monthly delivery.

And then there’s the six-blade Executive. Same 90-degree pivot head, but the added benefit of a lubricating strip loaded with aloe, Vitamin E and lavender. This one sets you back $9 per month for three blades.

We tried them all for two weeks and actually found that each did a fantastic job. Of course, the Executive was our favorite, but we only liked it slightly more than the 4X, which provided a shave almost as great for less money.

Our current Gillette Fusion ProGlide costs us a little over $4 per cartridge and we have to buy in massive bulk to get that savings. So the $2-per-cartridge 4X is going to save us a ton.

Now if only somebody can open the Dollar Vodka Club.

Dollar Shave Club
$1 – $9 per month (includes free cartridge-specific handle)