Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The No Pants Dance

Normally, we try to give our subscribers several days notice before a big party. You know, so you have time to plan your outfit, which we know often involves a Bedazzler, glue guns and the occasional pyrotechnics device.

But not this time. Because this is a party where less truly is more.

Tomorrow night is the Skivvies Underwear Party at S4 and it’s going to be a dance floor full of hot guys stripped down and shaking what their mother gave ’em, only covered by the tiniest amount of fabric. (Though fair warning, we’re bringing our own mom and even though she can polka like there’s no tomorrow, her panties are rather gigantic. And standing too close could result in the stray hanging-boob slap, too.)

Skivvies will be on hand, which means you have several chances to win some of their super sexy private-label underwear (above). But you’ll want to stop by the shop between now and then to make sure you show up in something new and sexy. (Because all of the Fruit of the Loomers will be quarantined and kept away from the rest of the crowd.)

And don’t worry, even though it’s supposed to be in the 50s Friday night, you can show up in your favorite faux-fur hoodie and woolen pants because there will be a clothes check once you’re inside.

Then all you have to worry about is where to put your credit card. We can think of at least one available slot.

Skivvies Underwear Party
Friday, March 8, 2012
Station 4
3911 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas


Know The Code:
Just say the password “Skivvies” and  you’ll get in free! (21+ only)

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