Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Recycling Pays. $10,000 To Be Exact.

Empty liquor bottles can be turned into functional items. Why didn’t somebody tell us this years ago?

We could’ve built a three-story mansion out of what we throw into recycling. And that’s just from one year. In fact, after more than a decade of boozing it up, we could have a liquor-bottle Fortress of Solitude that would make Superman feel woefully inadequate.

Well, at least now our creative juices are flowing. (Sure, they smell like tequila, but it’s appropriate that they do.)

Because Patrón is ready to reward us (or you if you think you can do better) with $10,000 for using their signature bottles to create visually stunning artwork or functional items, like the chandelier above.

Now through April 30, you can enter “The Art of Patrón” and potentially walk away stinkin’ nouveau riche. Simply join the Patrón Social Club for free. You get plenty of cool perks from that alone, by the way.

Then get to work on your creation. Fill out a simple online form, submit a photo of your masterpiece and a 50-word description of your artwork and its inspiration.

Oh, and if you need any empty Patrón bottles to work with, just let us know. We’ve got about 276 or so lying around from National Margarita Day.

The Art of Patrón

Restrictions apply. Please see Official Rules for submission requirements.