Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Snug Betty

Now that we’ve sprung forward, we’re counting the days until swimsuit season officially begins. So in anticipation, we’re stockpiling a new wardrobe of skimpy suits in an attempt to have a new pool outfit every day of the summer.

It’s a challenge, but we think we’re up for it.

Day One will feature a little number from an edgy and unconventional designer on the scene, Kristin Mayer of Betty Designs. It’s just one piece of a new men’s line that includes cycling and triathlon kits, too.

We just love the graphic look of the swimsuit, especially the fact that the crossbones portion below the skull is actually a butterfly. It completely taps into our need to be masculine, but also a little bit girly.

OK, super-girly.

The fit is fantastic and shows off everything you want it to, but still keeps a little bit of secrecy. Each suit is made to order, so anticipate 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Order yours now and it’ll be here just in time for that first plunge into the deep end.

Or an impromptu pirate party.