Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kwanza In March

Nearly a year ago, we were treated to our first dose of Kwanza Jones and we were high on her sound for days. At the time, it was expected that her full album would drop a few months later, but we waited. And waited. And waited.

Well, the time is finally upon us and her full album is out today in several formats after a couple weeks on iTunes. Titled Supercharged, it’s one of the most energetic and joyous albums of the year.

Not only do we love her lyrics, including our new mantra (“Absolutely F**king Flawless”), but we totally dig her entire persona. The singer/songwriter considers herself an Ambassador for Equality and puts her tremendous talents and superb voice behind a number of equality and empowerment causes.

Her latest guerilla-style music video from the bonus track Made U Look prominently features Pollo Del Mar, a.k.a. “The (Drag) Queen of All Media” and shows just how fun Ms. KJ truly is.

Ever since we got our copy of Supercharged, we’ve been playing the album on such a consistent loop that there’s practically smoke pouring out of our iPod.

And speaking of smoke, we’re prepared to drop her into the Conclave at the Vatican from a helicopter as a skywriting plane flies by spewing out the only words that could change the world in more monumental ways than even her lyrics…

“Kwanza Jones for Pope!”

Kwanza Jones, Supercharged
$13.99 (Deluxe Version) at www.itunes.apple.com

Check out Kwanza’s latest video.