Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slaw & Order

Once upon a time, a head of cabbage went to a disco in Mexico. Across the dance floor he spotted a curvaceous pepper dancing the Lambada. Alone. So he took it upon himself to roll in her direction and introduce himself. She was immediately enchanted and that night under the vibrant stars and full moon, the pair made mad passionate love on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

Nine months later, Slawsa was born.

Bringing together both sides of his heritage (slaw from Dad and salsa from Mamá), this brand new condiment defies the strict laws of grocery store shelves, daring to fall into several categories simultaneously. Regardless of whether you believe it should be with the salsas, the mustards, or even the not-so-vast category of jarred cabbage treats, Slawsa is a revolution in taste.

Cool and crisp, sweet and spicy, it’s as versatile and daring as you’d expect from the offspring of two vegetables having forbidden sex on the beach.

It’s ideal as a fat-free topping on hot dogs and burgers, as well as sandwiches of any variety. Fish tacos are ramped up when Slawsa’s added, as is all types of barbecue. It can even be served with tortilla chips à la traditional salsa. Or throw it on top of a brick of cream cheese for an instant appetizer when served with crackers.

We’re pretty sure you can come up with several other creative uses, but one thing’s for sure.

Add salsa to your spring and summer picnic menus and your taste buds, too, will live happily ever after.

$19.99/six pack