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Ear Responsible

Our grandmother always told us to never stick anything in our ears. And she should know. Because from Thanksgiving 1984 until the day she died (Black Friday 1984), she had a wishbone lodged in her right ear that doctors determined would kill her if removed. It was tragic to be sure, but no other granny in town could wear 33 earrings on one ear and look so stylish doing it.

So we’re always cautious of putting anything pointy near our heads, especially something from inside a turkey.

We’re pretty sure she’d have the same feeling about ear buds. That’s why we’re so excited to honor Nana’s memory with the new AfterShokz Sportz M2 Bone Conduction Sport Headphones.

Sure, it’s a long name with a lot of unnecessary Zs, but they’re absolutely amazing.

Perfect for sports of any kind, the headphones rest just outside your ears and utilize bone conduction technology to deliver the vibrant sound. Plus, we can hear our surroundings if something should happen that requires our immediate attention. (Ambulance racing by, fire alarm sounding, Harlem Shuffle flash mob to avoid.)

This model is sweat proof, water resistant and features a microphone for making or receiving phone calls. Best of all, they’re so much more comfortable than in-ear versions that it’s like we’re not even wearing headphones.

Just like when we used to hear voices late at night. Telling us to do evil things with wishbones.

AfterShokz Sportz M2
$79.95 with free shipping