Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Our Hearts Belong to Doddy


For the past six months, our burger fanatic friends have been praising Hopdoddy Burger Bar (most of them mispronouncing it Hopdaddy, but we’ll forgive them).

We first popped in back in December and were immediately hooked. Ever since, a visit to Hopdoddy in Preston Center has become a ritual. Yet we’ve never even ordered a traditional beef burger. Sure, we’ve licked the side of our friends’ meat when they weren’t looking, but that hardly counts.

Here, it’s the non-beef varieties that we crave. Cradled in the warm cushion of fresh baked buns, it doesn’t matter whether it’s bison, lamb or a black bean-corn patty and ultra-fresh toppings that you’re sinking your teeth into. They’re equally delicious.

But there are two standouts.

The Continental Club (above), a ground-in-house seasoned turkey patty topped with melty provolone, apple-smoked bacon and arugula on a toasty seeded wheat bun. We skip the mayo and pesto and substitute Sassy Sauce, because well, how could we not order Sassy Sauce? It’s easily the best turkey burger in the city. Plus, turkey (or any non-cow variety) can replace beef on any of the crafted burgers.

Our other favorite is like sushi on a bun, which admittedly tastes much better than it sounds. Featuring a nicely portioned sushi-grade tuna steak, seared rare, it’s topped with sprouts, teriyaki, honey wasabi, nori chips, pickled ginger and mayo. Arigatou gozaimasu, indeed.

Make sure to order a side of fresh-cut fries from Kennebec potatoes with green chile queso for dipping.  And maybe an ice-cold draft beer. Oh, and a hand-spun milkshake.

We’re so obsessed with this place, our therapist says we have to work through some serious Doddy issues.

As long as the 12 steps are edible, we don’t mind.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar
6030 Luther Lane, Suite 100
In Preston Center, Dallas